Has Covid shown that global Omnichannel OMS projects can be delivered 100% remotely?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the idea of delivering a global-scale OMS project without customer and service providers ever meeting face-to-face seemed impossible. With flights suddenly grounded, and the vast majority of the workforce relegated to remote working, there was no alternative but to find ways to adapt.

This adaptation was not without its challenges. With physical workshops, whiteboard sessions and chats around the water-cooler swiftly abandoned, establishing relationships and avoiding conflict were the key points of concern.

Fortunately, advances in virtual meeting tools (Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc.) made this process significantly easier. We found that the key to delivering a global OMS project remotely was ensuring meetings were highly organised, well documented and that any expectations were clearly laid-out. There was but one caveat, which you can read about in our blog below.

Our latest blog details how we launched a rapid, 2-phase, global omnichannel programme for iconic German footwear brand over a period of 28 weeks and entirely remotely.

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