GSOT Embark.

An omni-channel fulfilment solution

  • Extend your existing WMS to enable Omnichannel Ecommerce Fulfilment.

  • Embark creates a seamless fulfilment journey from warehouse to customer. Developed on the latest React JS technology, Embark is highly flexible, optimised for simple integration to third parties and offers responsive user Interfaces for use across multiple device types.

Customer Centric Fulfilment

Typically, WMS systems are set up for replenishment to a store network and don’t account for specific customer needs. Embark packs shipments at the order level, sending items direct to a customer’s home, or to a chosen store to meet selected delivery services.

  • Tailored Customer Delivery

Optimised Shipping

Embark automatically generates the required shipping labels, invoicing and return forms at the appropriate point in the pack process.

  • Removes Custom Errors

  • Easy customer returns

  • Enables shipping

Carrier Integration

Embark integrates to multiple partners across your network – enabling you to share order information and retrieve shipment data to enhance the customer experience.

  • Visible to carriers

  • Trackable orderrs

Enhanced Returns Processing

Embark guides the warehouse operative when receiving customer returns. A quality check can be conducted, and a relevant reason code recorded. System logic drives the appropriate action in relation to stock, based on the reason code selected.

  • Streamlined processes

  • Stock accuracy

Leading Fashion and lifestyle Brand

More than 5 million shipments pack in one year

An Average of 15 thousand shipments packed per day

Improved Efficiency from 350 packets per user to more than 700 packets per user in one shift.