Key Differentiators & Assets

We’ve developed a number of tools within the Sterling Framework which can be implemented as complementary options to the out of the box product.  We believe these can deliver value to many retailers and can be included as part of a OMS implementation, removing the need for separate product and projects

In this case, we can bring the value of our experience not only in terms the services we offer, but also through additional product capability.

Integration Audit Tool

Integration is an integral part of an OMS implementation.

The average number of integrations for an order management deployment is 50 (30 for a S-M Implementation).

Often, in a support / troubleshooting context there are contentions – did the source system send the correct data?  Has something been lost or mistranslated downstream? In ‘fire and forget’ type integrations, it is not easy to trace what exactly OMS received or sent especially when the state of the order has progressed / moved on.

Our tool enables customers to easily monitor both in and outbound messages with a fully searchable UI, which proves invaluable in trouble shooting issues across multi systems.  It also provides the ability to replay messages where required.

The Integration audit tool is invaluable for my team in the course of their day to day support tasks.  Not only does it provide proof and timings of inbound and outbound messages, but also the full content of the message.  It saves many hours of debate between system areas and the replay function is a real time saver.

IT Manager, International fashion brand using GSOT implemented Sterling alongside other Industry standard ERP, Website and WMS systems: