Case Study:
Packing Process Perfection

Increased daily throughput in the warehouse, through delivery of a paired down version of Sterling Store for packing in the DC…

We delivered an OMS implementation for a client with a large DC operation, which uses an industry standard, enterprise level ERP and WMS. The client was keen to undertake the DC picking activities in their WMS, but required a more streamlined and simplified interface for the packing and shipping process.

We installed the Sterling Store Application in the DC to undertake the packing. By clearing down the screens of any superfluous buttons and removing all redundant clicks we were able to deliver an interface where orders can be packed and shipping documentation produced with just a few scans of the handheld device (no mouse clicks required).

Upon completion of each pack, the order status is set to shipped and the system moves automatically on to the next carton. This solution has been hugely popular with the DC Operatives, and has enabled the client to process high volumes at optimal speed