Case Study:
High-end EU Clothing Retailer

More efficient and trackable shipment of overseas orders, via tailored functionality in Sterling Store…

We are working with a client who has a high number of overseas orders in a number of locations (some examples being USA and Japan).  Although their configured sourcing logic means OMS will fulfil these orders via local stores where possible, due to shallow stock in stores, this is is not always feasible.  Thus, there is a need for large numbers of parcels to be sent from the Client’s main DC in Europe, to these locations.

The DC handles these shipments as ‘Loads’ – meaning that each day, all shipments bound for these locations are collated together and sent in one large ‘Load’ shipment, rather than as many individual small parcels.  Operating in this way has the following benefits:

  • Logistics cost saving

  • Reduced chance of individual parcels getting mislaid

In order to support this functionality, we implemented some bespoke functionality for the customer. The additional UI screen enables a DC operative to:

  • Open a Load (specifying the Recipient and Receiver location)

  • Use a scanner to can each of the packed parcels into the Load

  • Close the Load and produce the shipping documentation required to send through customs

It is possible to query the system and see details (including individual parcel contents details) of open and historical Loads.

At the point of receipt, a DC Operative at the destination location can receive the Load via one simple scan which will receipt all of the individual packed parcels (no need to scan each parcel).  Updating the status of the Load to received will result in the following:

  • All orders contained within have their order status updated

  • A communication is triggered, and the customer receives an update on the status of their parcel

  • The status retuned when the tracking URL is used by the customer is updated