OMS Case Study:
Building Streamlined Systems for a DIY Retailer

Here’s One We Made Earlier:

Trading both online and in-store, this swiftly-expanding business needed to unite their selling systems and ERP. We had the solution they needed…

The Client:

This business’ retail trade consists of websites and franchises, which are DIY stores and garden centres.

The Challenge:

After expanding operations to include over 500 stores, a more streamlined approach was required to optimise and manage:

  • Click & Reserve,
  • Click & Collect,
  • Omni-Channel Returns.

With the goal of increasing the efficiency of operations and shaping a better customer experience, both in-store and online.

Finding The Best Solution:

Following a period of research, it became evident that an order management system was required to be the conduit between their selling systems and ERP.

Though implementing an Order Management became an obvious need, the customer initially contemplated if a stereotypical Order Management product and implementation approach would meet their business needs.

The extensibility features of IBM Order Management and GSOT’s experience in implementing IBM Order Management looked promising to the Customer.

However to ensure the GSOT approach and IBM Sterling Order Management were a good fit for their requirements, we initially embarked on a 8 week Proof of Concept project. Here we explored the Sterling Store UI in detail with them and discussed key integrations. This proved successful, and after this initial phase they appointed us to implement their entire OMS solution.

The Final Product:

From initial workshops to gather requirements to go live was a period of 7 months, which was a significant achievement due to the complexity of the solution and managing changing requirements.

The GSOT team were also instrumental in advising what functionality to deliver in future releases to protect the proposed go live date. We went live with minimal defects and continue to implement their backlog of changes.